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 Walk, Girl 


The night before her bridal shower in Appalachia, Hannah goes out for a drink only to be drugged and raped by a stranger. As she struggles to deal with wedding planning, doctors, policemen and self-forgiveness, her story intertwines with two other women. Her mother-in-law’s past becomes present when she discovers Hannah’s horrible secret, and a mythical Grandma Gatewood (the first woman to walk the Appalachian Trail) serves as a spiritual guide to Hannah and her fiance Jaime as they attempt to heal their relationship.

Written in collaboration with Rebekah Boroughs, "Walk, Girl" (formerly "___ is a rapist") is told out of chronological order revealing scenes before and after the assault, which is never shown on stage. Sometimes defiant, sometimes lyrical, the play examines rape culture and the way that rape repeats itself from generation to generation.

Character Breakdown

3 F, 1 M

Development/Production History

Production - Synchronicity Theatre's Arts Incubator Project, GA (2018)

Staged Reading - Out of Box, GA (2018)

Staged Reading - Women's Theatre Festival, NC (2017)

Workshop - Basement Theatre, GA (2016)


“Rebekah Boroughs and Lindsay Carpenter’s absolutely remarkable script lets us approach two sexual assaults—one in the present, the other the historical tale of outdoor pioneer Emma Gatewood—with something totally unexpected: hope. Sensitive direction by Savannah Core and nuanced, authentic performances by Molly Winstead and Judy McCord clinch it. This must be staged again.” - INDY Week

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