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 Things that Fall 

"Things That Fall From the Sky: An Evening of Short Plays"

Director: Lindsay Carpenter

Company: Barnyard Theatre

"Unusual Epitaphs" by Rob Rinow

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Eva Konstantopoulos

 "Things That Fall From the Sky" by Brenda Varda

July-August 2010

"Things That Fall From the Sky: An Evening of Short Plays" was made up of three new plays. "Unusual Epitaphs" took place outside under a tree where two strangers find common ground and a reason not to be eaten by a bear. In "Fly Me to the Moon", a man is willing to do anything to make his wife happy, even if it means selling his memories of her. In "Things That Fall From the Sky" a young woman overcomes her fear of the sky and finds a love for the stars despite the death of her brother, who's helicopter was shot down. Together, the plays set a lyrical tone, questioning what we live for and proposing hope. 

"All three plays are helmed by new director Lindsay Carpenter, who embraced this monumental task with professionalism and talent." - Bev Sykes, The Davis Enterprise