3W 2M

The plague, dead husbands, love spells, and two women who finally get to be together. Our Black Death is a dark comedy about two peasants in mid-1300s England who explore their newfound power and take a chance on love as everyone around them dies. 

2020 Kennedy Center MFA Playwright's Workshop


2W 2M

Break is an absurd dark comedy about love, death, parenting, and broken dishes. It begins with a man stacking dishes on another man's back, unable to escape, while in a booth above two women watch. Over the course of the play, rules and relationships are repeatedly set up and broken as a man referred to as Dishes tries to escape. 

2020 Virtual Reading with The Balcony

2019 Reading with Broke People Theatre


2W 1M

Out of Balance is an intimate look at a mother and daughter relationship as it falls apart. Bailey (13) becomes obsessed with the idea of going camping alone, which her mother Ava refuses to let her do because she is concerned for Bailey’s safety. Tensions rise as they compete for control—with Bailey regularly usurping Ava.

2020 Virtual Workshop with The Balcony


3W 1M

Sometimes defiant, sometimes lyrical, Walk, Girl examines rape culture and the way that rape repeats itself from generation to generation. It was written in collaboration with Rebekah Boroughs.

2018 Staged Reading at Broke People Theatre

2018 Workshop Production at Synchronicity Theatre

2018 Staged Reading at Out of Box Theatre

2017 Staged Reading at Women's Theatre Festival

2016 Workshop at Basement Theatre


2W 2M

In Borders, Jess is the only person in the world who can still dream. Set in a future rife with disease and nameless fears, she isolates herself to maintain her safety and keep her secret hidden. But when two strangers find their way into her life, Jess must decide what she can share and what she’s willing to give up.

2020 Virtual Reading with The Balcony

2015 Kennedy Center ACTF Undergraduate Award 

2014 Workshop at Theatre Battery

2013 Workshop Bare Bodkins


2W 3M

In Day Father,  an unhappy Mother isolated in a big city starts an affair with a man named Jason. The play explores the effects of this seven-year affair on Anna, Mother's daughter, as Anna goes from age 9 to 16 and comes to understand that the other man in her family isn't really her Day Father.  

2012 Production at Tufts University

2010 Workshop at Bare Bodkins

2010 & 2009 Workshops with Barnyard Theatre

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“I never make sense. I ramble. I always ramble, and deviate, and return, and these words come out and I love them, I love hearing myself speak. I thought that’s what I bring, I bring these rambling things and that’s me.” - Break

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