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As a dizzying heat wave descends on Montreal and plunges the city into a general torpor, the inhabitants of the Saint-Henri district are prey to events that reason cannot explain. Webseries available here

2020 LA Film Awards: Best Web Series & Honorable Mention: Drama

2020 NYC Webfest: Best Foreign Language Web Series & Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography

2020 London Short Series Festival: Best Drama 

2020 Nominee for CANNESERIES Short Form Competition 

2019 Winner of IFP's Web Drama Series

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TV Pilot (Drama)

Imagining Practice is a modern retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, but focused on a brother and sister instead. When Owen returns from college to find his missing sister, he discovers that the town he left has changed and an underworld has appeared in the bowels of the high school. 

2023 Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza TV Pilot Competition

2023 Finalist Female Voices Rock Screenplay Competition

2022 2nd Round Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Spring Fashion


TV Pilot (Drama)

When everyone in Wonderland dies or disappears, Alice becomes a film-noir detective, determined to discover what happened. In this world, there’s no magic, instead magic is replaced by riddles and steampunk contraptions. The show explores what comes after the ever-afters, and, believe me, it’s no fairy tale.

2022 Finalist Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

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TV Pilot (Drama)

In a world where everyone is a film noir trope, four individuals—a femme fatale, a dead body, an ingenue, and a detective—begin to push back against their pre-established identities. In the pilot, Faye (a femme fatale) sets out to do the impossible, to create an unsolvable murder. She finds herself head-to-head with a formidable detective, Sarah, who is also a very old friend. 

Mafia Man at Night Black and White



Feature Screenplay

In a cyberpunk future, a jaded outcast reunited with her revolutionary brother battles and manipulates a megacorp god to save her child. Pandora combines the cyberpunk genre with greek mythology, but at its heart it focuses on a mother and daughter relationship.



Feature Screenplay

When Mel’s boyfriend Trevor breaks up with her on the day he planned to propose and, instead, her seemingly perfect sister Izzy gets engaged, Mel vows to put herself first for once by stealing Trevor’s car as revenge. A coming of age story about a 32-year-old who never got the chance to grow up, Loving Difficult People  is a whimsical breakdown.

Image by Erik Olsen


Feature Screenplay

Set in 1898 England, recently orphaned Addie (15) investigates a series of murders that appear to have been caused by vampires. Part coming of age story and part gothic thriller, Absent Whisperers feels like a ghost story. When one of Addie's new friends disappears, she must use her gift of psychometry (divining facts by touch) to find the missing child. 

Moonlit Fortress


Feature Screenplay

In Little One, a cat (Nora) becomes human. What begins as a rom com between Nora and her owner, ends as a horror movie as Nora's owner attempts to control her and prevent her escape.



Short Film

Brikelak is a 10 minute film (directed by Dan Gomez) about two lovers, Riley and Annabelle, in a post-apocalyptic world. When Riley loses Annabelle to an alien who takes over Annabelle’s body, Riley tries to befriend the alien and recover some of the connection she had with Annabelle. An unexpected love story, it is a film about survival, connection, and loss. In addition to writing Brikelak, Lindsay was one of the producers.

2021 Screening at NYU FOCUS Film Festival

2020 Screening at NYU Virtual Tisch Fringe Festival

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