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1W 1M

A man and woman in the 1300s meet and fall in love. From childhood into old age, their relationship changes. Over a series of five games, they arrive at a final choice of whether to be together.

2021 Published by Concord Theatricals

2020 Virtual Reading with Theatre Masters

2019 Production with Broke People Theatre

2019 Staged Reading with NYU Tisch Bespoke


2W 1M

When a soon-to-be-detective is woken at 5 AM, there’s sure to be trouble. In comes a panicked Femme carrying a dangerous word, shortly followed by Fatale. Told in two scenes, it’s the beginning and end of a detective’s career, a comedic whirlwind of film noir, seduction, danger, and love.

2019 Staged Reading with The Barrow Group

2019 Audio Production with Theatre in the Sound

2014 Production with Eclectic Theatre

2013 Production with Boston Shotz

Person at Night with Smoke



Less than 10 minutes before the end of the world, best friends Sarah and Imogen try to decide how to spend their final moments. Funny, poignant, and sometimes crude, the two friends realize they already have done everything they need to do.

2021 Virtual Production at Access Theatre Salon Soiree

2019 Production with ScriptShop

2018 Staged Reading with Women's Theatre Festival

2016 Production with 14/48 Theatre Festival



2 Any Gender

An apocalyptic world, two strangers (one human, one not), and an attempt to understand each other.

2021 Virtual Reading with Tiny Theatre

2019 Audio Production with Theatre in the Sound

2019 Production with Navigators Theatre

2018 Production with Boston Shotz

Forest Walk


3W 2-3M

12 year old Sally fancies herself a film noir detective. When she discovers her pet rabbit Bennie missing, she follows the clues with her best friend Gunther. Darkly humorous, this film noir spoof plays with language and shows that you can’t trust anybody.

2017 Production with FAU Theatre Lab

2015 Production with ACME Theatre

2015 Production with 14/48 & Cafe Nordo

Bennie FAU 2017 3.jpg


1W  2 Any Gender

Little Red’s father has been kidnapped by a dragon, so obviously she goes on a quest to rescue him. A fractured fairy tale with many sons, tests, and transformations. Throughout the play, the audience decides what Little Red does next on her quest.

2016 Production with Open Space Arts

2015 Production with Barnyard Theatre

2015 Production with Eclectic Theatre



2W 1M

“I’ve decided to become a superhero.” A career counselor encourages one of her high school students to pursue his unreasonable dream, but cannot support her own daughter’s choice for the future.

2014 Production with ACME Theatre

2013 Production with Theatre Battery

Stormtrooper Costume


2W 1M

This skeleton of a love story follows a woman after a break up, and the man she broke up with as he enters a new relationship. Sometimes the best thing is to let someone go.

2020 Virtual Production with Broke People Theatre

2013 Production with Bare Bodkin

Couple Holding Hands
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