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- Broadway Baby review"“Proof” is that most frustrating of things for a critic: a play where there is nothing to criticise."

- Three Weeks review"The strong cast show an impressive attention to detail which makes every subtle motivation clear."

Things That Fall

-critics on the loose review: "All three plays are helmed by new director Lindsay Carpenter, who embraced this monumental task with professionalism and talent."

-critics on the loose feature article


Artist Profile

-3 Views Profile

-Youth Mundus article

Amours d'occasion 

-Journal de Montreal review: "We love the audacity of the narration, the unique universes, the diversity of the actors and the new faces that are featured in this dramatic series. It’s a real breath of fresh air"

-Nightlife.CA review: "This series is one of a kind, to say the least. [...] The stories are intentionally destabilizing, the visuals are absolutely superb and the universe transports us."

-LeDevoir review: "In eight short episodes, [Eva Kabuya] succeeds in building a narrative universe that reflects the reality of this newly 'connected' neighborhood [...] through stories of heart and attachment."

Our Black Death: Plagues, Turnips, and Other Romantic Gestures

-American Theatre article on NNPN's 2020 MFA Playwrights' Workshop.

-The Independent article: “'[Lindsay] wrote [Our Black Death] before the pandemic, it’s an incredible coincidence,' said Cynthia, who has helped adapt Lindsay’s piece for a streamed reading. 'It’s amazing because of the similarities to what is happening now. … It has a very contemporary perspective.'"

-Theatre's NOT Dead podcast

Walk, Girl

- indyweek review: "Rebekah Boroughs and Lindsay Carpenter's absolutely remarkable script lets us approach two sexual assaults [...] with something totally unexpected: hope."

- aijcast interview


-14/48 blog article: "Their exit earned them applause, even though they were only exiting for a moment to go 'shit on the neighbor’s lawn.'"

Day Father

-Tufts Daily review: "All of these aspects combine to make 'Day Father' an evocative piece."

-Tufts production vlogs and preview video


-Oprah Magazine article

-Real Simple article

-LA Magazine article

-No Proscenium review: "Suffice it to say, no matter how 'loyal, brave, and moral' each character was, we all had our knives firmly planted in each others backs by evening’s end."

-Room Escape review (Western): "It was an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery game filled with tawdry scandal, plot twists, and betrayal."

-Room Escape review (Space Smugglers): "It’s my opinion that Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries are among the most under-appreciated immersive experiences in New York City."

-Room Escape review (West Wing): "Our facilitator did a great job of prompting and gently pushing for scenes to unfold."