You throw the party and we bring the mystery.

In 2016, Lindsay Carpenter co-founded Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries with fellow director-playwright Dylan Zwickel. At a Ghost Ship party, there is no sitting around a table reading from a script. You’re up on your feet the whole time, looking for clues, and making choices about who to share information with. It’s like being at a regular party…except that you’re trying to solve a murder (or, if you’re the murderer, trying not to get caught). Our themes include Murder in the West Wing, Mafia, Space Smugglers, Western, and That Show About Love. We are currently offering virtual mysteries.

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“I never make sense. I ramble. I always ramble, and deviate, and return, and these words come out and I love them, I love hearing myself speak. I thought that’s what I bring, I bring these rambling things and that’s me.” - Break

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